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Sunknowledge Services Inc: The Showstopper In The Medical Billing Companies Landscape

Great track record, strong references from over 100’s of clients, seamless communication standards make Sunknowledge Services Inc a next-gen medical billing and collections company. One of the biggest assets of working with them is the flexible partnership models, no binding contracts, and an easy exit clause. In fact, it is a clear sign of their confidence in their capabilities as a dedicated revenue cycle management company.

Dr. Dipak Nandi, Chairman of Sunknowledge Services Inc observed “We perform task-specific jobs in eligibility verification and authorization, denial management and accounts receivable recovery. Our team is versatile across all major billing platforms in the marketplace. Sunknowledge Services Inc assures an instant billing costs reduction of 70% with a collection improvement of 97%.”

Already the company has made a strong presence among other medical billing companies. Their biggest value is the terrific combination that they have with pricing standards ( at just $8 per hour), a standalone/ end to end medical billing action plan for providers across more than 28 specialties. A superb compliance standard, niche support as a 100% HIPAA Company is another benchmark that they take immense pride.

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