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Prosthetics Medical Billing, The Top Priority of Sunknowledge Services

Sunknowledge Services Inc has been working extensively on Prosthetics Medical Billing over the years since 2007. Prosthetics mean artificial physical enhancement equipment prescribed by doctors used for betterment and modification of physical attributes of patients. Sunknowledge deals with a variety of prosthetics equipment which includes the following.

  • Splints Bards and Braces
  • Shoes and Insoles
  • Collars, Corsets and Supports
  • Bandages and Calipers
  • Artificial Limbs
  • Artificial Arms
  • Exo-Skeletal
  • Prosthetic Knees

The Various Highlights of our Services are as Follows

  • 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliance
  • Upto 97% A/R collection
  • Service charges as low as $7 per hour including the prior auth charges
  • Free medical billing software
  • Real time eligibility checks and fast authorization
  • Rapid claim status analysis in denial management
  • Turnaround time less than 48 hours
  • Low service fees with no hidden cost
  • Excellent references of top clients across US
  • Real time audits and custom reporting

The Process of Prosthetics Medical Billing can be Summarized as follows

  • Order entry based on the Rx received from the doctor
  • Eligibility verification and authorization requirements entry
  • Collection of documents required by the payer for auth approval
  • Meeting the payer criteria before the goods are delivered as per the insurance policy
  • Generating the delivery ticket
  • Claim creation
  • EDI submission
  • Cash posting
  • Denial management
  • A/R follow up

The Prerequisites of Prosthetics Medical Billing are as Follows

  • A prescription from the related physician
  • Meeting the time limit considerations of the insurance policy  
  • Billing of the appropriate modifiers
  • Letter of medical information, diagnostic certificates, verification forms for justifying the prosthetics prescription
  • Billing of the repair, replacement and supplies

We provide end to end as well as standalone services in a customized manner. We, in spite of being the number one medical billing company in the states, we are open to all prospective clients who would like to work with us. Do visit us at to know more about us.       

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