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Hospital Accounts Receivable Gets Better With Sunknowledge

A complete medical billing and services company, Sunknowledge Services Inc sets the benchmark in revenue cycle management. Over the years, our company has excelled in performing task specific activities in eligibility verification, authorization, denial management and accounts receivable recovery.

With extremely transparent and productive AR analysts, we eliminate all the proven challenges in old accounts receivable with our robust collections process. We provide all the support required for elimination of challenges in general practice management and improve the cash flow with our specialized intervention.

We have a unique presence; work with both providers and payers with admirable distinction. Our ability in offering out of the box support renders from the fact that we are claims adjudication service partners to some of the largest insurance companies in the country. Our team specializes in collecting old Hospital accounts receivable which is old and we address the areas of untimely submission as well as follow up by


  • Regular follow ups on the claims in a span of 30 days
  • Excellent reporting / data management efforts that helps in streamlining the process

Our mechanism in hospital accounts receivable involves

  • High dollar value claims are given the top priority
  • The first to be addressed is the oldest DOS

The reason we are the best in handling hospital accounts receivable

  • Reduction of accounts receivable by 30% within 1 month
  • Expertise in working with difficult to recover aging AR
  • Highly experienced staff handling your accounts receivable bucket
  • Over 7 years of experience in claims adjudication for major insurance plans

Let us share with you, our plan of action in hospital accounts receivable. We are one of the best when it comes to handling practice management/ revenue cycle management challenges offering the best price in the marketplace. Let our experts share with you, our best practices, and ability to offer unparalleled support which is unique in the world of hospital accounts receivable. Gain the Sunknowledge advantage and have the best plan of action transpiring to better collections and ROI for your hospital.

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